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SWTOR: Thoughts on levels 11-14

Another evening of playing, another post on my thoughts.

  • This still feels much closer to an RPG than other MMORPGs that I've played. I don't feel like I'm grinding in the game at all, and I'm someone who gets rather negative reactions to grinding!
  • Levelling is significantly slower after the first 10 or so levels, I'm a bit over half way through level 14 and my /played is now about 10 hours 40 minutes.
  • I was expecting Coruscant to have the main city area for the Republic, but it's just another mission hub planet. The Republic Fleet is the real "city" to hang around in, and is where you can find all of the amenities you'd expect.
  • I chose to go with Commando as my advanced class. I then noticed how all the Troopers I was seeing were Commandos too. So I imagine Vanguard is perhaps a less popular choice. I'm speccing as a healer though, not DPS, so I'll likely still have my niche.
  • On the subject of healing - since you have a companion, playing as a healer is totally viable.
  • My class/advanced class choice may have helped, but at level 11/12 I was able to clear a small Heroic 2+ zone with level 10 mobs. Heroic 2+ means it's designed for 2 or more players, but if you play well then you can get through such areas (but perhaps non-healing classes will have a tough time).
  • Mobs don't respawn in instances (or may have a very very long respawn timer, as per WoW). However, that depends on you killing the whole group of mobs. If you only kill off a portion of that pack then die or run away, the rest of the pack will respawn soon. That doesn't stop you from killing off a portion of a pack in one attempt and finishing it off in a next attempt, the respawn timer is long enough that 2 attempts can easily be done. Beyond that you may start getting respawns. That respawn timer may vary depending on the instance you're in.
  • I decided to have a look at "The Esseles", the first flashpoint that Republic players can come across and designed for level 10. Being a flashpoint, it is designed around a party of 4, however I did it quite easily by myself at level 13/14. Many of the mobs in the instance were standard difficulty, with only some elites. I really just wanted to see what a flashpoint looks like... It's good fun! If you think about it then you realise that it could easily be laid out like a party instance as you'd expect from any other MMORPG, but the drive the story gives it really changes things.
  • At level 14 I picked up the Sprint ability - 35% faster movement speed outside of combat, instant cast. That'll make getting around much nicer!

I recorded my whole evening's gameplay, so I'll be able to pick and choose the best bits to put up as video (when my voice returns and I have more free time). For now, sleep.


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  1. It’s good to know that the instance respawning is better. There were many times I arrived at my quest destination and out of nowhere a mob of enemies wipe the flow with me. I them realized that someone else had recently been there and killed everyone. I hope Bioware fixes that. It’s rather annoying.

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