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SWTOR: Thoughts on levels 23-29

Another day, another SWTOR levelling session, another video-less update due to not having a voice. Today I got from level 24 to level 29, and here are my thoughts on that:

  • Mount! Mount mount mount mount mount.
  • The expensive part of the mount is, surprise surprise, the training to use it rather than the speeder itself. Once you've got the training for the mount (which you get at your normal class trainer for 40k credits) you can buy a mount (for 8k credits). Using the mount adds it to your Abilities under the Vehicles tab and removes the item, so you don't need to worry about having an inventory slot always taken away by your speeder. This level 25 speeder increases your speed by 90%.
  • The speeder only takes 0.5sec to cast. Using it does notĀ supersedeĀ and remove the "Sprint" ability, so the only thing that'll toggle the Sprint ability off, other than the player using the ability again, is dying.
  • If you enter combat you won't immediately drop off your mount, but if anyone hits you you will, and with an animation that seems to indicate you very briefly get stunned. Watch out for those packs of ranged enemies when getting from A to B!
  • I'm now at 1 day, 18 hours and 40 minutes /played.
  • The first planet I played through today was Nar Shaddaa, a level 20-24 world. Since I was near the top of the intended level range already I skipped more of the sidequest content than I had before so I could get through the planet quicker, but the thing is that this game has good enough sidequest content that it probably should be explored.
  • Similarly, Tatooine was my first planet with a speeder, and so the first planet where I begun to skip a lot of mobs where possible. Previously I had been fighting anything in my way because it was kinda fun to do. I guess I might be getting a bit tired of the same thing by now - hardly surprising considering how much time I'm spending in-game!
  • Talking about the sidequest content - one of the big sidequests on Tatooine was actually more interesting, and had more exciting moments in it, than the class quest.
  • Voice acting: I'm yet to come across any bad voice acting, and overall have been very impressed by it. However, the whole "Imperials = English people = evil" when it comes to accents has been taken to another level. Previously the Star Wars series had Imperials with posh English accents (which in itself is interesting - do the Imperials of TOR-era Empire have anything to do with the Imperials of the films? Why do they have the same accents?) but I came across two Imperials who had English accents that weren't stereotypical-posh-Brit voices. I suppose that, regardless where you come from in England, you're still evil in Star Wars's books.
  • I'm still surprised at how much exp you can get through doing warzone PvP. Generally speaking I was getting around 10k exp at the conclusion of a match - even if I lost, if it wasn't a walkover I'd still walk out with that much exp. If you simply want to get to level 50 as quickly as possible, doing the maths to see if PvP is the quickest route is worth doing.
  • Unless the remaining talents and abilities make a really big difference to the Commando class, I can see single-target healing (for instance, healing a main tank in an operation) getting quite dull. A good healing rotation appears to be advanced healing probe-healing probe-hammer shot-healing probe-hammer shot-(maybe another hammer shot)-healing probe-repeat. This is a rather simplistic view, as it doesn't include kolto bomb for the healing-received buff any targets get, but thinking of it in those terms does somewhat remind me of hunter aimed shot/multishot rotation from classic WoW, which was boring as hell.

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  1. Tbh I’m glad trooper storyline appears like this, smugglers storyline on the other hand while nice for being independent, feels a bit lacking. I sort of feel out of place, i’m considered operative for the republic, republic seems to know me, but I never really joined them. I don’t really feel like part of the whole war effort. Even bounty hunters seem to have their own space and role in the empire army.

    Then again, there’s this independence and no pressure to make certain choices, as well as hilarious dialogue options.

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