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My computer setup

IMG_1321 med

Having a lazy Sunday, so thought I'd write about my current IT setup. Just finished getting it set up so seems like a good time to do so.

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Raspberry Pi: Video playback

The picture above is a Raspberry Pi playing a 1080p video (Prometheus trailer from the Apple Trailers site). What's more, it's not playing it from the local SD card storage, it's playing it from a cifs-mounted volume. And it plays it totally smoothly. I threw a higher bitrate 1080p video at it and it wasn't so happy with that (potentially due to ethernet performance) but for the most part 1080p should be alright, and 720p moreso, if it is encoded in h.264. More thoughts and explanations after the cut.


Raspberry Pi: Initial thoughts

I received my Raspberry Pi today! I've had a little bit of time (very briefly) playing with it tonight and have some initial thoughts and observations on it. I'll play with it a bit more tomorrow. I'm running Debian Squeeze as a starting point, just so I could get a glimpse of what's to come.


Spoilers: Thoughts on Mass Effect 3

(Yes, that picture's from Mass Effect 1 not Mass Effect 3. I don't have any ME3 screenshots available!)

I finished Mass Effect 3 yesterday, finishing a series that I've loved on and off over the past few years, and I've been dying to talk about it with someone but no-one I know has completed it yet. I should say that right now that this whole post will have major spoilers so if you care about discovering the plot for yourself at all then don't read this! It's also long and wordy but with a super-brief tl;dr at the bottom, after the break!